Itanium 2016 outdoor development activities ended perfectly
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[☀2016 Itanium Outdoor Development Event] Perfect End! ! !

[Challenge the limits, reshape yourself, smelt team]


Zeya expands a day trip~~

Taking pleasure as a guide, with happy beats, riding on a dynamic bus, let us go together! ! !

▲Interactive game in the car, a laughter of joy~


▲I am looking forward to the preparation of equipment for the expansion in the morning~


▲The beautiful scenery of Zeya~

▼Challenge yourself, teamwork~


We will be able to successfully pass the 19 major development projects such as flying cornices, Burmese bridges, single wood piles, hanging piles, angel hands, going hand in hand, and walking in the sky. ! !


▲No matter the sun has blushed our cheeks; no matter the dripping sweat has blocked our eyes and soaked our clothes; we have taken a firm step forward~

▲A thin steel cable, how do we pass it~

▲Go hand in hand, we are a team~

▲When you walk in the sky, you need to show your courage~


▼In the afternoon, the live-action CS competition, the Wolf Spirit VS the Eagles ~ which team can bravely fight and protect their captain~


▼Come to a love hug game and dance a joyous collective dance~ This time our happy journey will come to an end! ! !


Happiness is a kind of happiness
Happy smile will always hang on our faces
Because of you
Itanium will be more exciting

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